Army of the Dead: Undead’s Albion Online Gold Hunting

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Thousands of brave knights had fought the war’s countless battles but their souls were now taken – the ritual had shattered them, leaving the remains neither fully in the bodies they had once habited, nor fully out of them.

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Strange cries carried on the wind as old bones moved once more hunted by Albion Online Gold, creaking inside rusty armour, while elsewhere; darker shades took wing, driven by a hunger that could never be sated. The Undead remain an uncomfortable reminder of Albion’s past. They can often be avoided but are too dangerous to be ignored and too terrible to forget.

The Army to Fight: Hunting Albion Gold

The monsters you will be hunting to get Albion Gold will be mentioned. Darkness will be your main enemy to face who causes the wreaked havoc in the land of Albion.

  • Skeletons – The army of the undead created by the bones of the fallen soldiers during the war will march upon you. Some still believe they are fighting that war and battle each other endlessly, pointlessly, while others shuffle without purpose. The most pathetic do not move at all until something with a pulse gets too close.
  • Shades – The patches living in the dark; usually found in the catacombs where skeletons lie and sleep. They hunt on the living to feed on their dead insides. When they find it, they steal it. Drinking mindlessly until the soul is consumed. They cluster around powerful undead, and in large numbers their movements can become excitable, even hypnotic.
  • Harvesters – these creatures are unleashed by the ritual; exposing bodies on dread powers and tortured minds. Each was transformed into a Harvester, a walking gateway to the plane of the dead. The Harvesters are incredibly dangerous, not only for their own power but because of the magnetic quality they have for lesser undead. A touch from them can be fatal, and to stand in their presence for too long can cause premature ageing.

Dealing in with the Undead Faction’s Albion Market

Getting Albion Gold with the Undead’s faction is a quite a work of load. They’re everywhere in the world full of dead people. A great and devastating war once wreaked havoc on the lands of Albion. Magical powers, far beyond what should be humanly possible, were wielded on both sides. As the forces unleashed threatened to destroy Albion entirely, a powerful ritual was held.

Buy Albion Online Gold now; lead your army against the undead or become one of the undead.